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Our Products


We pride ourselves on the high quality produce

we keep in store.


Our beef is sourced direct from the farm, as it has been for almost 30 years. Our most recent change was to start processing our beef at Biggenden Meatworks, which we did almost 20 years ago! We prefer to use primarily British Bred Cattle (Angus, Hereford and Murray Grey). We are also proud supporters of the Ekka Cattle Sales which bring in some amazing cuts of Beef each year.


Our pork is also processed at Biggenden and comes from the Brosnan family in Biloela - you can read more about them here: 


We bone chickens fresh in store almost every day. They are free range and sourced from Lilydale


Cold weather lamb is THE nicest flavour and eating quality as far as lamb goes. Tasmania and Victoria have some of the best in the world. We buy whole lambs in 3 times a week and break them down before trimming them for the window for you to purchase!


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