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About Us

The Richards family have owned and run Mick's Meat Barn since April 1989. With the Templeman family now on board, there is an exciting new chapter beginning at MMB.  

The beef we use here at Mick’s is sourced from a number of local farmers in the Gympie/South Burnett regions and if they aren’t ready to be processed when we purchase them they are sent to one of two local farms to be finished before then being sent for processing. 

We do this is to guarantee a better consistency of fresh product for our customers. Controlling this process allows us to deliver a consistently high-quality product to you. 

Many of our staff have been with us for a long time , they're part of the MMB family. We ensure our team are trained in all aspects of the business and understand that you, our customer, are our number one priority.

We love Carnivores

Each week hundreds of mums and dads from across the Sunshine Coast come and buy our products to feed their families and to entertain guests.

Whether it be sausages, rissoles, osso bucco, lamb cutlets, pork mince, chicken breasts or something a little more adventurous like goat or duck and even fresh and frozen offal, Mick’s Meat Barn has it all – and more.

And if you love our meat but you want a night (or day) off from cooking then try these local eateries to enjoy our produce. We even service a number of meal delivery companies. 

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