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Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Pot Pies

Prep Time:

Cook Time:


6 Servings


Ingredients (Makes 6 Pot Pies or 1 Large Pie):
900g Mick's Meat Barn Diced Chicken
3-4 Trimmed Bacon Rashers, finely sliced
400g Button Mushrooms, cut into fine wedges
4 Garlic Cloves, minced
2 tsp Dry Thyme Leaves
1/4 Flat Leaf Parsley, roughly chopped
1/2 tsp Dried Chilli Flakes, or to taste
2-3 tsp Dijon Mustard
1 cup Chicken Stock
200ml Cream
1/4 cup White Wine
Sesame/Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper, to taste
2-3 Sheets Puff Pastry
1 Egg
Sesame Seeds, optional


Step One - In a frying pan warm a tablespoon of olive oil and sesame oil, before adding the finely sliced leeks and minced garlic. Sweat the leek and garlic mixture down, by slowly adding in half the chicken stock and stirring thoroughly until soft and milky white.
Step Two - Add the mushrooms, herbs and chilli to the pan and cook for a further 15 minutes. Remove from the pan and set aside.
Step Three - Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan and add the bacon. Stirring, allow the bacon to slightly crisp before adding the chicken. Stir, adding the remainder of the chicken stock to the pan, allowing the chicken to gently cook. Reduce the liquid by half.
Step Four - Place the mushroom & leek mix back into the pan, along with the cream and mustard. Season with salt & pepper. Allow to simmer for 30-40 minutes or until the sauce has thickened. Preheated the oven to 180c.
Step Five - Separate the content across the 6 individual dishes or within one small roasting/baking dish. Top with a quarter (or full) sheet of puff pastry and neatly tuck into the the sides.
Step Six - In a small bowl whisk an egg. Brush each pot pie with the whisked egg before sprinkling with sesame seeds.
Step Seven - Place in the oven and cook for 15 minutes, or until gold & crispy. Remove from the oven and serve with a green salad.

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