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BBQ Rib Fillet with Rosemary and Garlic

Prep Time:

Cook Time:


4 Servings


Ingredients: Steak
2 Beef Fillets, trimmed
1/2 Small Sprig Rosemary, finely chopped
Olive Oil
2 Large Garlic Cloves, finely chopped
Salt & Pepper

Ingredients: Dressing
2 tbsp Wholegrain Mustard
1.5 tsp Honey
1 tbsp Whole-Egg Mayonnaise


Method: Steak
Step One: Combine the finely chopped rosemary, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and beef fillets in a bowl. Ensure the fillets are well coated before placing them in the refridgerator to marinade for an hour.
Step Two: Over a medium to high heat on the BBQ grill the beef fillets on both sides for 3-5 minutes, or until cooked till your liking.

Method: Dressing
Step One: In a small bowl use a fork to whisk the wholegrain mustard, honey and whole-egg mayonnaise together.

Serve with a side salad of cos lettuce, halved cherry tomatoes, cucumber, crispy bacon, capsicum and shaved parmesan cheese.

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